Subject: Has anyone used Priceline?
Hello, Ziners,

This is a follow-up to my question earlier about June airfare to Amsterdam from DC. A search using Orbitz (thanks again Sheryl!) turned up a price of $799 which is quite low comparatively. Most others seemed to be in the $1000 range. The Orbitz website had a link to which let's you name your own fare. I entered something ridiculously low like $300, after taxes & fees and $25 travel insurance it was $518. Now the catch is, you have to submit all your credit card information before you get to see any flight information. They promise it is a maximum of one connection...

Has anyone used Priceline? Seems a bit like gambling? But if they can get me a price as low as $500 with only one connection, then I may be willing to risk it.

Erina Washington, DC