Subject: Re: Has Anyone Used Priceline?
Hi Ziners,

I successfully used Priceline to book travel to Tokyo in late May, saving $180 on a R.T. ticket. The key is to shop for the cheapest fare the airlines or others offer and drop your bid by 30% to 40%. They may or may not accept your bid. If they do, you've bought a ticket and will shortly find out on what airline and itinerary. If not, they likely will present you with an alternative price, which you can accept or reject. In my case, I accepted their alternative and received the very itinerary and airline I would have paid for on-line with the airlines. On the other hand, my daughter tried to bid a trip to Los Angeles on Priceline and all they'd save her was $8! She did not take the offer.

Hope this helps. Carolyn Austin, TX