Subject: Re: Need advice about Skyauction

Sky auction can hold you to it if they feel like they will not be able to sell the ticket. Most likely they will allow you ( her) to cancel as long as it does not become a frequent occurrence. I have used them many times with great success. I have cancelled hotel rooms I won in auction but that was before I even chose the dates. They were easy about it. plane tickets may be a different story. I think skyauction was an independent operation in the old days and may not be now. They may be part of a larger corporation which always makes things more complicated. By the way skyauction is great for last minute hotel stays w/o airfare for your local area. We have bought nights at resorts an hour or two away from home for next to nothing. Many times they do not sell the hotel only packages. It is a nice way to relax for a couple of days. All in all I give skyauction high marks. Have used them for over 5 years.

Regards, David