Subject: Re: Amsterdam Budget Hotels
Hello Ziners,

My comments on these - purely based on location and my biased preferences when traveling (to be in the center of things where I can walk to everywhere).

Great location! Hotel Brouwer is on the Singel a primary canal, very historic, very pretty, lots of public transportation.

Both Borgmann and Filosoof are in quiet residential areas near Vondelpark and the Museum Quarter. Ideal for Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, people and dog watching in the park. Near public transportation. Not smack in the center of downtown but also only 15 minute easy walk to the center. If you prefer a more restful land tree-lined locations, may be better options than Lempereur (below) or Brower (above).

Friends stayed at the Hotel Borgmann Villa back around 2000-2002. They were fine with the accommodations and I thought they were fine when I visited them there. It may just depend on your expectations. Many things in Amsterdam, especially room size is going to be small. Traditional breakfast is similar to German style where it may be unheated rolls and cold deli meat - things that could disappoint an American looking for a hot waffle and eggs spread.

Great location!!! Can't be anymore in the city center than this. FYI - near the Red Light district just in case that is a turn off but please note the Red Light district is also one of the safest, most historic, cute, and restaurant filled parts of the city.

If I recall correctly the location was spectacular. Right off of Vondelpark (Amsterdam's answer to Central Park or Hyde Park) and easy walk to public transportation and the Museum Quarter.

The IBIS airport hotel is near the airport but like many cities, the airport is not anywhere near the downtown/historic area. You'd be pretty far away from most things.

Erina in Washington, DC