Subject: Re: Has Anyone Used Priceline?
Hi Erina and Ziners,

We have used Priceline lots of times over the last couple of years to book hotels but have not,so far, tried for airfares.

My understanding is that the times you are given can be pretty "iffy" and, of course, you don't know your exact schedule until after you've mae your non-refundable booking.

Certainly for hotels the savings have been substantial. Last year we travelled to Washington DC, New York and Boston staying in 4star hotels and didn't pay more that $110 a night.

In my opinion the trick to Priceline is being really well informed before bidding and that can be a bit time consuming. There are several web sites that help with this. Bidding for travel was already mentioned but I prefer The moderator is very friendly and knowledgeable, there's lots of information to read and you are encouraged to ask for help before bidding.

Best regards Judy Abbotsford BC