Subject: Driving south from Rome
Hello Ziners

We are flying to Rome early May, arriving about 5:30 pm, picking up a rental car at the airport and driving south immediately to some place on the coast. (Husband's idea, not mine, but hey, he'll be doing the driving!) Given that we'll be tired, unaccustomed to the roads, and will probably be driving part way in the dark, we want some place around Salerno that has a fairly direct route and would be easy to find. I have looked at towns like Sant D'Agnello, but am afraid they might be harder to find. Has anyone driven from Rome to the Salerno/Amalfi area at night, how long does it take, are roads clearly marked, and does anyone have a recommendation for moderately-priced (and charming, of course!) lodging for 4 on the coast?

Thanks so much! Anne (in Toronto)