Subject: Re: Would you miss having a bathtub?
Hello Linda and Ziners,

Personally I wouldn't miss having a bathtub... guess I'm just a shower person. We once stayed at a resort in the southern Netherlands (beautiful place, but the name escapes me) and the bathroom was lovely, but dangerous. It was all marble and there was not a bathmat to be had. You had to be extremely careful bathing or even showering. Very slippery! Same deal in Amsterdam at the Barbizon Palace, but at least they had a bathmat.

Speaking of amenities, when we were in Cabo San Lucas at a company function we stayed at a resort that had no hair dryers... I thought "no problem". I prefer to let my hair air dry anyway.

Our final evening there my husband and I were walking along the beach in the surf and the strength of the confluence of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez knocked me over and there I was about an hour away from a sunset dinner cruise and covered with sand from head to toe! The front desk graciously loaned me a hair dryer and we were thankfully able to attend the dinner cruise.

Happy travels and always bring a hair dryer, Chris in Pearland, TX