Subject: Re: Next Trip?
Hi Ziners and Michael:

First, suggest you plan to spend time at the Guggenheim at Bilbao - it's awesome. Also there is another nuseum nearby - name escapes me - which has some interesting displays. Bilbao is a lovely place - I stayed near the old town and idi a lot of walking.

Second, next trip? I have two scheduled with Imaginative Traveler for the Fall and over the holidays: Macedonia and then back to Turkey. As my Imaginative Traveler Hunza Valley tour was cancelled, am looking into either Paki-Afgan or Algeria tour with Bestway. Has anyone used Bestway? Any feedback on them?

Devoting April to moving - I am moved in but still moving out, if that makes any sense.

Best to all! Jo, formerly of Sunnyvale CA but now in Menlo Park, CA