Subject: Re: Next Trip?
Hi Ziners,

With Summer almost here, we're continuing our travels within Canada!

On April 29th, we're driving to Knowlton (Lac Brome) in the Eastern Townships of Quebec to see some theatre.

Stratford, is our destination on the 'long' week-end in May! With a late Train now leaving Toronto at 10.05pm, we can take Express from Montreal at 5pm, saving my wife a 'vacation day' from her office. The attraction in Stratford is the Theatre Festival. The first performances start in late April.

In June, we're off to visit the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of the St Lawrence River, leaving Montreal by Ship on the afternoon of the 16th and returning on the 23rd.

Cobourg, Ontario is our destination in late July and early August. From there we'll be exploring the northern part of Peterborough County when we drive there to visit a'net- friend' of mine.

In September, we revisit Stratford by train to see more live theatre.

Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Shaw Festival is our November stop. Our mode of travel? By Train, of course to St Catharines, then by taxi to the Festival.

This year, we wanted to do something different between Christmas and New Years eve so , taking my sister with us, we'll be travelling by train overnight to the town of Gaspe. We've never seen the winter landscape and thought that the Train, paid for with my VIA Preference Points, would be an excellent way to travel. We'll be in the town of Gaspe just 2 days,long enough to see the local sights.

While none of these trips take us outside our Great Country, all are interesting and my wife finds bargains and treasures in every town.

Are we planning for 2007 yet? You Bet!

Peter Montreal