Subject: Next Trip
Hi Ziners,

On Tuesday I will be departing for the UK to spend two weeks in northern England and southern Scotland. We are flying into Manchester where we will pick up our car and drive to the Lake District, then drive north into southern Scotland and make our way east into the Border Country and then down into Northumberland to go to Lindsifarne,Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Durham and some stately homes. Last year we spent two and a half weeks in Scotland concentrating on the Highlands and central portion.

This will be my eighth trip to the UK since 1999. I travel with my mother and we travel very well together. We pick a different location every trip and spend two weeks exploring just that area and we still can't fit everything in! At some point in the future, I do plan on traveling to other countries but my love affair with the UK is too strong to ignore along with having a terrific traveling companion!

Tracey in St Paul MN USA