Subject: Re: Next Trip?
Hi Ziners,

Next trip? Well having had to cancel my hoped for trip to China it took me some time to find a new location equally as exotic, interesting and attractive to the imagination...

I have decided on a camping trip - actually 2 combined - to Kenya and Tanzania in August. It is winter there then so the heat will not be a severe problem, the rains will have finished, the grasses will be dry and the animals should be easily viewable.

There are so many safari companies that it makes one dizzy! Choosing was *not* easy!!

Finally found one that went with tents and not lodges or "permanent tenting grounds" (= luxury) and didn't cost the same as a 6 star hotel :->)

While not exactly a budget trip LOL it is comparatively inexpensive for this kind of a trip. Also a great organization that combines game drives with visits to villages and schools.

Anyway, at my age if I don't do it now I probably never will!

Lots of inoculations needed, clothes of a kind I don't normally wear and *hours* of research re the best anti- malarial medication and anti-mosquito preparations. Now all I have to do is find a place that I can buy them! The most recommended 'DEET' isn't available in Israel :((

Getting really excited as the time draws nigh...

Happy Travelling All! Debby - Israel