Subject: Re: Best time to travel?
Hi Ziners,

I absolutely agree with Frances that Sept and Oct are the best times of year to visit Europe. Not just for weather either. Much less tourists by then, less crowded, prices go down and leisure returns to life.

Trips do need to be arranged according to the destination though imho..I wouldn't want to visit the Caribbean at that time of year.

I found Thailand uncomfortably hot and humid in October, much better in November. OZ and NZ were absolutely marvelous in both Oct and Nov. April is a marvelous time of year to visit Japan, while the weather in Turkey was perfect in September.

The weather promises to be fair for Kenya and Tanzania in August - just before the rains are due to begin. Also less mosquitoes at that time of year!

Juggling all these different ideal visiting dates with a profession can be a problem, but organizing and making arrangements is all part of the fun of planning trips now, isn't it?

Happy Travelling All, Debby - Israel