Subject: Re: The Crypto-Jews in Belmonte, Portugal
Hello Robert and Ziners:

I live in Lisbon and in 1998 I went to Belmonte with a Jewish group (from Antwerp) to visit the Jewish community.

I was very, very interested to talk to them, to learn how they preserve their faith during 500 years.

During those 500 years it was absolutely forbidden not to be catholic in Portugal.

I spoke with some of then, I went inside the synagogue and I also knew David Canelo, a Portuguese historian that has a lot of studies about this Jewish community and a lot of sites (like referring his works.

But, Robert, what you have written is absolutely correct and perfect, and I thank you for this great information.

For people who would like to know a little bit more about these community I think that a way is searching in Google by David Canelo.

Helena from Lisbon (now with rain), Portugal