Subject: Next travel destination / Favourite trip so far
Greetings Ziners,

Our next trip is being planned for November this year when we are heading to Sikkim and Northern India. This is an unexpected surprise for us, we had decided we'd definitely go to China somewhere next, but our younger son spent almost 5 months in India recently and inspired us with his stories of Sikkim. So, the walking boots are out and we're starting to train for a short, 7-day trek in Sikkim, which includes viewing Mt Kanchenjunga. We are also spending about three weeks visiting some of the major tourist sights in northern India, including Agra, Jaipur, Varanassi, Darjeeling etc.

My favourite overseas trip so far was when we visited Nepal in 2001. The glorious mountain scenery and friendly, good natured people will remain with me forever. Sadly, the political situation makes it unwise to travel there at present, but we'll be nearly there again when we're in Sikkim!

Happy travels everyone, Sally in Sydney