Subject: Re: Montreal
Hi Rob,

It does depend a little on weather, I think. Assuming you are going in the next few months, you should visit the old port / Old Montreal. Lots of good restos, a few good museums and lively streets. Be sure to visit Bonsecours Church and Notre Dame Cathedral. We enjoyed Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History.

It is hard to create a list of "must sees" without knowing how long you will be there and what your interests are.

However, if you like gardens there is a "world-class" botanical garden. I visited it again last year after a lapse of many years and it is better than ever. It is across the street from the Olympic Village and you can combine these into a great day. There is an biodome where you can explore different biomes. Or you can ride to the top of the "big O", the stadium.

If you are looking for nightlife, there is St. Denis Street and surrounding areas are lively with shops, bars, restaurants. Also areas west of Peel Street downtown. Montreal has a lot of festivals and special events, lots of street fairs. See the city's tourist office for information:

Notable is the Just For Laughs festival: And the jazz festival:

You might like to visit Mount Royal Park. There is an old-fashioned "chalet" with a lookout over the downtown. At the very least, you will want to drive over the mountain and there are one or two viewpoints on the road.

And you might want to visit the domed church, St. Joseph's Oratory. There is a room filled with old crutches (or there used to be) and the heart of Brother Andre, the founder on display (it was stolen once, if I remember correctly). Pilgrims and penitents used to climb the high stairways on their knees.

If you like to shop and will be there on a Saturday morning, you might like to try the garment district. Shopping Chabanel is quite an experience. Great prices in the backrooms of the factories. Most take cash only and are open Saturdays until 12:30 or 1pm.

I haven't even touched on the neighbourhoods, the markets, the island parks, or the casino!

Lots to see and do in Montreal!

Frances Toronto, Canada