Subject: Qantas business or first to NZ
Hello, Ziners!

At last, at last.

25 years of mileage accrual and the day has come: we are cashing in our ff miles for tickets to NZ from LA. We currently have first class seats reserved that will require us to stop in Sydney. We chose not to fly direct to NZ as first class is unavailable on that itinerary and because we were a little leery of the Skybed in business class, given stories we have heard about people not being able to sleep very well in them. Apparently they recline to 172 degrees, and people find they slide down and end up with most of their body resting on the footrest. Does anyone have experience with either class of service on Qantas? Business class seats do not seem to be hard to come by right now for our dates (March 2007), so we can change them and fly direct to NZ, at least for a while yet.

So excited to go I can hardly speak, Caroline in California, USA