Subject: Re: The Crypto-Jews in Belmonte, Portugal
Hello Ziners, Les and Don,

Richard Zimler is a very well known author in Portugal, and here his book, "The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon" is a best- seller.

Reading the book is like you can walk in old Lisbon (16 century). Amazing, above all for those who love Lisbon so much, like me.

After this excellent book he wrote "Midnight or the beginning of the world" (I translate directly from the Portuguese title, not sure the name in the English edition) and "Goa and the sunrise guardian".

Those three books are about the Jewish diaspora, sephardic families that must go out of Portugal due to religion.

I hope you can read those interesting books.

Here is the site of the author: for more information.

Helena in sunny Lisbon, Portugal