Subject: Re: Forever England
Ahhh England, or rather, the whole Island including Scotland and Wales!

I discovered it in junior high and the history of it enthralled me. I finally got to go there in 1993 and I took a bus tour to get a feel for it. I stopped over for a few days en route to Italy in 1996 where I met up with my first internet buddies. It was all uphill from there. Meeting so many friends from the UK on the internet has pulled me back there many times since then and now, I've got my fella who lives in Salford which is next to Manchester. I've visited London and Manchester mostly but I always manage to do day trips and I have done a second bus tour through Scotland. I've stayed a couple of days in Worcester, Bath, Cardiff, and Glasgow. There are lots of places I haven't seen there yet, and hope to eventually. I love the history, I love the culture, I love the scenery which differs so much from county to county.

It's expensive of course, but at the moment, the exchange rate to the Canadian Dollar is really good so it will be a little less so than usual. It does help that I now have a place to stay when I go to Manchester and I can usually find a reasonable hotel for a few days in London.

I do want to see lots of other countries and cities, and I will, but I'll always go back to the UK.

Diane Halifax, Canada