Subject: Re: Forever England
Hi Ziners,

took me some days to get over the phrases in this article. Of course England (Britain) has its problems - I mean, it's no Disneyland after all..... Nevertheless it has many different landscapes in which I can relax, an architecture I enjoy, theatres I love to attend and people which were 99% friendly to me over the years.

Prices are high - but when I was in Scandinavia I learnt they can be higher. Weather is not as bad as everyone seems to think imho, I was mostly there during September and usually had constant warm and sunny weather with only very few rain showers. I only have London pics with sun and blue skies where friends sometimes say, they are faked.... I can't see why British meals are so bad. English "cuisine" is not very refined but also not as bad as many say it is. Plus, due to the colonial history you can eat many different types of food and of course also italian, chinese or whatever is available nowadays all over the world. Oh - and I was in France, too.... who says that the kitchen there is always superb? ;)

All in all it's my favorite holiday destination cause I do not need very hot weather, I can speak the language and the country has about everything I like. Btw, I often got the impression that the Brits are not that much advertising their country abroad cause they like to spend their holidays in their own country and do not need that many foreign travellers... *g*

Baerbel near Stuttgart