Subject: Re: AutoEurope
Hi Ziners,

I'm writing to agree with the other Ziners recommending Auto Europe. Whenever this question comes up on the Zine I've recommended AE. In my former life as a travel agent, I used AE almost exclusively. They are always good & professional to deal with, you can purchase cdw through their website or go without it. If purchased through the website, it is much less expensive than when you arrive at the counter. I seem to recollect that if you find a cheaper price at another site, they will match it....not really sure about that but worth asking about. And on my numerous trips to Europe I've never had problems with their reservations. And, if there is a problem, you can call AE & they take care of the problem.

I, too, have no stock in the company, just think that by renting with AE, you get rid of one pesky potential problem on your trip.

Carol in Central Oregon, USA