Subject: Re: Car Rentals in Europe
Hi Ziners,

Just feel compelled to add a few bits to auto rental in Europe, and another recommendation for Auto Europe. Some agencies have age limits for drivers, both minimum and maximum(70 or 75), no per mile charges, and limits on driving in Eastern Europe. We are usually staying 3 to 4 weeks, and visiting Lithuania and Estonia, often three or four persons in the car. We have used Auto Europe's Peugeot purchase/repurchase program available in France and selected other sites (we have used Frankfurt) to rent/purchase a Peugeot. You basically own the car - they buy it back at a set price on return. so there are no limits on what you can do, no miles restrictions, and you can purchase complete insurance at reasonable rates. Last year was over $900 for almost four weeks, seems to be about $100 more this year, but for what we needed, a real bargain.

Bruce Kirkland, WA