Subject: Monasterolo di Savigliano (CN)
Hi Lou,

This sounds like the trip of a lifetime! There's nothing better than personal contact with the locals. I couldn't find too much info but maybe there'll be a tidbit you'll find useful.

History of Solaros' Castle: and a photo:

Info about the library and the town (in Italian):

The town hall lists an email address: Comune di MONASTEROLO DI SAVIGLIANO Piazza Castello 6 - MONASTEROLO DI SAVIGLIANO (CN) - Italy Tel. (+39)0172373026 - Fax (+39)0172373174 EMail:

The web site is in Italian:

Here's a map on a restaurant site:

On our trip in 1998 we were in Asti, Alba and Bra but didn't get to Monasterolo di Savigliano.


Can't wait for you to return so we can hear all about your fabulous trip and more about the town about which so little has been written.

Cheers! Linda in Toronto, Ontario, Canada