Subject: Re: Tokyo airport
Hi Margaret, You've got a great opportunity to experience a little bit of Japan in your short stopover - you're lucky (especially if your trip has been elsewhere in Asia and you've missed other parts of Japan)!

Narita city is just about 15 min (one train stop) away from the airport and it has a lovely temple (Naritasan), interesting market streets, and good restaurants. Here's a webpage that gives you lots of info on Narita City as well as Chiba for a layover:

There are lots of hotels in Narita area. My husband and I like traditional Japanese Inns and have stayed a few times at the Kirinoya Inn in Narita City but, if you want a more western style hotel - here's a list of some of them from Trip Advisor:

I've lived in Hong Kong for 10 years now but Japan is still my favourite country - we have to get our "fix" at least once every two years (more if we can).


Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong