Subject: Re: Tokyo airport
Hi Everyone,

This reminds me of my trip to Japan about 6 years ago to visit my daughter who was working in Tokyo for a year. This was my first big trip on my own(well at least to a country where I didn't speak the language) so quite an adventure. On my journey home to Canada I somehow got on the wrong train from Tokyo to Narita, I took the one to Narita city by mistake when I should have taken the one to Narita airport. I guess I assumed (it was my first time in Tokyo) that it would get me to the airport and I had left in what seemed like plenty of time.

Well it stopped at every stop and when I finally got to Narita city I was already late and so when I did eventually get to the airport I missed my flight! I was in a bit of a panic but the staff there were wonderful and arranged that I could stay at the airport hotel where airline staff stay and at staff rates too. I was able to get another flight home the next day so it all ended well after all.

Gail in Vancouver, B.C.