Subject: Re: Germany
Hello Baerbel and All,

In answer to your question, Baerbel, I enjoyed every place that I went to in Germany. I went from Munich to Trier to Cologne to Berlin, so I saw quite a bit of the country in only about three weeks. (I saw a lot of other places- too many to list here.) I did not spend time in Stuttgart, although I'm sure I went through there on the train. (What a fantastic passenger railway system!) The towns I saw which were probably closest to Stuttgart were Bamberg, Rothenburg, and Heidelburg. I found each one of them to be wonderful. However, I took a special liking to Bamberg. I just loved walking around the old town there. I found the way the buildings were built in the river, or at least it looked like they were "in" the river, to be fascinating. I had never seen anything like that before. Unfortunately, I spent only one night in each place. Next time, I will take the time to spend more time in each place. I really can't think of anything I just did not enjoy. I loved being in Germany!

Guten Tag! Barbara Roanoke, Virginia, USA