Subject: Re: sleeping on Italian trains

There are three different sleeping accomodations on night trains. The cheaper is a couchette in a 6-berth 2nd class compartment; if you don't like crowds you can book a couchette in a 4-berth 1st class compartment.

The price of the bed is the same but you pay a 1st class ticket of course. It's not a true bed, just a semi-soft mattress with disposable sheets, a pillow and a blanket.

Then you have the Wagon-Lits (sleeping cars) with a choice of 2, 3 or 4-berth compartment. These are almost real beds, the compartments are tiny but they have a sink. You pay the 2nd class ticket plus a supplement which makes the price raise to the equivalent of the 1st class fare.

When travelling on a night train, take some precautions with your valuables, stashing them or keeping them on your body, as thefts can happen sometimes.

The Trenitalia site is a bit strange, as sometimes it doesn't show all the booking options; I suggest you to book through a travel agent or any Trenitalia ticket counter when in Italy.

And a tip for you train travellers: Trenitalia has now in every major station a number of automated ticket machines. It's a good way to avoid long lines at ticket booths, they accept both cash and credit cards, instructions are multilingual and you can choose both the train and the fare you like.

Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy