Subject: Re: Street food
Hi there,

Mmmm Street food....where do I start? I am normally quite cautious when picking up something from a street vendor, but last year on our trip to Mauritius I threw all caution to the wind and with some guidance from my wife who grew up in these parts, I sampled some of the most delicious foods ever.

My favourites where without a doubt:

Dholl Pouri - a pancake type baked dough filled with vegetable curry, chili sauce and dholl (type of lentils). Just roll it up and enjoy!

Gateau Piment - little deep fried cakes with hot chili

Pineapple dipped in chili

Gateau Patate - a deep fried sweet potato cake

I could go on, but my mouth is watering....

Bard Vos Arroyo de la Miel (Spain)