Subject: Re: Questions about Italy Travel
Hi Ziners, Italy lovers in particular,

I've already posted a message about going to Monasterolo De Savigiano (pop. 1,000) on a cultural exchange trip, where we will be guests in private homes, etc. My long-time friend and travel buddy is considering going with me, but it's very important to her to experience Rome while in Italy, since she has not been there. Is anyone aware of "land only" city packages for just Rome, etc. I know I've seen them but can't find them in any of my brochures. We would either fly or train from Torino and would like four or five days in Rome.

Since we both are definitely "senior citizens," we would like to keep it as simple as possible, and we are not "luxury class" travelers. We could take the train, in which case, do any of you have experience with shuttle services from train station to hotel in Rome that you could recommend. I've googled it and find a lot listed, but would prefer one that was recommended. I know if I find it on the Zine, I can count on it. Websites I can use to compare train to air fares? Any particular city tours or guides for Rome that you would recommend? All help will be appreciated.

Lou Matthews in Lakeway, Texas, USA