Subject: Re: Carry-on Conundrum
We're planning a three week trip in the fall, and would really like to emulate Linda's way with carry-on luggage only. It's not only a case of taking a carry-on size bag, but we really want to be able to carry it on to the plane with us.

After finally buying one upright carry-on bag with wheels, it recently occurred to us that these bags weigh far more than the old ones with no interior frame and wheels, and they have less space inside also. We still have one old carry-on and are planning on using this, and are considering buying another lightweight carry-on.

We recently saw a carry-on size bag at Tilley, here in Toronto. It looked like a traditional suitcase, but was completely soft, and weighed next to nothing. It seemed like it might be a good idea, but we're not certain. Have other Ziners faced the same dilemma? What would you advise?

Also, if two people have carry-on luggage only, can the two bags get weighed together? Or do they even weigh carry-on luggage? Also, how often do they really check the dimensions of the luggage? At this point, we're not certain of our airline, and we know that airlines have different measurements and weights for luggage.

Margaret and Les in Toronto