Subject: Re: Carry-on Conundrum
Hi Margaret & Les,

I know you've not decided which airline you'll fly, but you know what the possibilities are so better check their carry-on rules before purchasing new luggage.

That said, I have a few thoughts regarding your conundrum, which we all face. In their quest to reduce fuel costs, airlines have gotten more strict about compliance. Suitcases are weighed, separately, and when there's a size question, the measurements are checked. They're having a field day charging for overweight.

The lightest luggage with wheels I've found is in the luggage store on the west side of Yonge in the block north of St. Clair. They carry a European brand that's extremely lightweight but so small you'll have to pack like a real pro to get your stuff for three weeks inside.

Frankly, were I you, I'd give thought to getting the nearly weightless carry-on size piece and packing everything you must carry-on in there. Send the other piece as checked luggage (more weight allowed) and on arrival, use the wheeled piece as a luggage cart for your carry-on piece.

When I was looking for lightweight fold-up bags, I checked the stores south of St. Clair, on the east side of Yonge and found an amazing bargain - just 10 bucks each for exactly what I wanted. My advice is to do the same before paying Tilley's prices, which I've always found too high.

Hope that helps, Linda in Toronto,