Subject: Re: Carry-on Conundrum
Hi Margaret and Les and everyone else!

In my experience, no one but BA weighs the carry-ons. And they haven't recently unless your carry-on looks suspiciously heavy. Weight limit with them, economy, is 16#. Simply, you need to stay within the required demensions: 40"-45" overall as I recall. I use a lightweight nylon bag - Le Sportsac - which does mean you tote as no wheels. Add to that a small backpack - also Le Sportsac - as my purse and I survive for two to four weeks. But then I wash undies everynight and have worn the same outfit for a week at a time. On a longer trip, I try to find a laundry, but am not always successful.

One reason I've avoided wheels is the problem you mentioned: weigh too much and not enough space. As long as I can tote, we're OK.

Good luck and best wishes on your trip! Jo, in Menlo Park, No. CA, USA