Subject: Re: Carry-on Conundrum

On my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I decided to travel with 2 carry on bags (meeting carry on dimensions/regulations); which is the limit allowed for economy class.

Air Canada gave me now hassles, boarded my flight from Toronto to San Francisco without difficulty. Arrived in San Francisco and was making my way through Security, and was told that I could only take 1 bag on board and would have to go back and check one of the bags.

Much to my chagrin, I went back to the Singapore Airlines counter to inquire. I was told that I could have two pieces but they both couldn't be the maximum allowable size and I would have to check one. After doing some shuffling of items, I gave her the back to check, she weighed it and after seeing the weight, insisted on weighing my remaining bag. After complying with her request, she told me that both bags would have to be checked in because each bag was in excess of 7 kg which was the limit for any piece of cabin luggage. She gave me a small nylon tote so I could take any personal items on board ,which I used for my toiletries and medications.

So I guess the message is, carry on limits aren't the same from airline to airline. It might be advisable to find out the nitty gritty details of your particular airlines carry on bag policies and limits.

Happy Travels,

John Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA