Subject: Re: Toronto

Frances has provided great links for your Toronto visit. If you time your return ferry from the islands around sunset, you will see a view of the city that can't be surpassed.

There is such a variety of restaurants in the downtown core that it's difficult to narrow down choices but here are my favourites within walking distance of your hotel.

"Le Papillon" (especially for brunch or lunch)

"C'Est What?" (serves only Canadian beer and wine)

For a true Toronto experience, visit the St. Lawrence Market around noon. Aside from being a prime food shopping venue for locals, the market serves up back-bacon sandwiches that are a tradition in the city.

For more upscale dining, you can try these: "Spinello"

"Romagna Mia"


The area of King Street West has some interesting places to eat. Our favourites include:

"Kit Kat"

"N'Awlins", which has terrific music at night

"Marcels Bistro/Le Saint Tropez"

One restaurant we return to again and again, is "Le Select Bistro" which has recently moved into a beautiful building near the Rogers Centre (Skydome). It's worth a visit for a drink at the bar just to see the restaurant.

Further afield, I'd suggest a visit to the Park Plaza hotel rooftop bar with its beautiful city view. It's at the Museum subway stop, near the University of Toronto and the ROM so it's a nice area to walk in and around.

As an aside, hotels ofen suggest that visitors eat at "Movenpick" in BCE Place - a 10 minute walk from your hotel. I'd avoid it. It's self-serve, filled with tourists, so-so food and not good value for money.

Toronto has a very lively music scene for all tastes if you're looking for nightlife. Pick up a copy of "NOW magaazine" for listings.

If you have specific questions, ask away. Lucy, Toronto, Canada