Subject: Italy Questions
Hello Lou and other Ziners,

I definitely have a suggestion for your visit to Rome. I can very highly recommend Scala Reale tours through Context Rome. I have taken six or eight of these tours a couple of them twice, and I will do so again when I return to Rome in the fall.

The two that I would most highly recommend are the Arte Vaticana and the Roma Antiqua (my spelling is probably off, but they should be recognizable on the website

These are four-hour small group tours and are also the ones I have taken twice already. There are usually only 6 or 8 people in the groups so it is easy to hear the guides. The guides I have had for these two and several other tours have included architects, art teachers, art historians, etc. They have all been very knowledgeable and interesting.

You can find descriptions of all the tours they offer under Itineraries on the website. You can also type in the dates you will be in Rome and see what tours are offered on those days. The two I mentioned above are offered quite often.

I hope this has helped. I have just returned from my tenth visit to Rome and while it was more crowded than I have ever seen it, it was still wonderful.

I can't give you a suggestion about comparing train to air, but I have traveled around Italy by train for years and find it fairly easy so long as I pack light enough to sling my bags up on the train. The days of easy-to-find porters are long gone. Also I might add that I am a senior citizen and have never hesitated to travel Italy alone.

Sincerely, Joan in Illinois