Subject: Re: Sorrento, Italy
Dear Jane and fellow Ziners,

I am sure you will enjoy Sorrento in September. I was there in November and it was rainy a bit but not too chilly.

I think that you will find tours from Sorrento to Pompeii which I think you should not miss. Or you can take the train (Circumvesuviana, a commuter type train) to Pompeii station and then go to the site. There are always guides around, but I would not know how to choose one. I found the audio guide to be very interesting and helpful. There are extra channels where you can listen to the sound of Vesuvius errupting and to Pliny the Younger's description of what he saw when it happened.

You should also definitely take a trip on the Amalfi Drive, but do not drive yourself. There are 1200 curves between Sorrento and Salerno, many switchbacks. Again there are perhaps tours your hotel can help you with or you can take the public bus (ask hotel) or I can recommend an excellent company that I used for the trip as well as a couple of others. Sorrento Limo email The head of the company is Gennaro Ruocco, who is very knowledgeable about his area. He lives in Sorrento. I might add that unless you are afraid of heights, sit on the right side of any vehicle on the way to Amalfi and on the left on the way back to Sorrento for the best views.

You might also like to take a hydrofoil trip from Sorrento to Capri. I know this is possible though I have only done it from Naples. Again your hotel can help with this.

Sorry I can't help with restaurant ideas. I know I ate pizza at least twice and it was good. I believe I ate on the main square, but I don't remember the names.

I hope this has helped you.

Sincerely, Joan in Illinois