Subject: Re: Turkey to Tel Aviv
Hi JoAnne,

The trip from Istanbul can be easily done by El-Al as well, whose ticket is surprisingly cheaper than THY's. There are also many charter flights between both countries allowing you 1 week stay. But I must state that I had THY's flight from Tel-Aviv to Beijing and it was really good- much-much- much!!! better than Iberia's one to South America. So, don't worry, Turks have good service.

As I understand, you are planning to spend 2 weeks in two destinations. I think, that you need at least 10 days for Israel (check if you can jump to the Jordanian Petra!) and 4 days can be enough for Istanbul if you are energetic enough (because there is so much to see there!). If you can add a few more days, I'd add it to Istanbul or even to a jump to Cappadocia - the place of exclusive natural beauty!

You're welcome to ask me more questions if needed.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel