Subject: Re: San Diego Accommodations
Hi Vanessa,

Being a local I have no experience staying in hotels or vacation rentals here in San Diego. But I can definitely point you in certain directions. If you want to stay close to the beach you'll be looking at properties in the communities of Coronado, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, or La Jolla. For locations on San Diego Bay you'll be looking at Downtown San Diego, Harbor Island, and Shelter Island. Mission Beach and Pacific Beach will also have properties on Mission Bay. Here is a link to one of the larger vacation property management companies in the beach area:

For hotels you have a huge selection of choices. Here are three that are located on Mission Bay, two of which are within walking distance of the beach are The Catamaran and Bahia Resorts which you can access through the parent company's website at: the other is Paradise Point:

Of course, all the major chains, e.g. Sheraton, Hilton, Marriot, Loews, etc. have many properties throughout San Diego.

In a previous post you mentioned that you would be visiting your daughter who was working for the Old Globe correct? You might consider a B&B near Balboa Park or in one of the neighborhoods closeby.

One thing to consider if you do choose to stay in the Mission Beach or Pacific Beach areas. On July 4th that area is heavily impacted by beachgoers. Travel in and out of those beach communities becomes problematic that day. It is no problem if you decide to stay put for that day. However, if you want to travel outside the beach that day getting back in will take quite some time.

Sorry I can't give personal recommendations about lodging but I'll try to help with any other questions you might have as your search continues.

Good luck, John in San Diego