Subject: Re: New York City with a teenager

I have to believe that British 16 year old boys have similar interests as those from other countries - music, movies, girls and a chance to get away from one's parents and hang out with other teenagers. I'll at least offer suggestions for the first two.

NYC is a great place to enjoy outdoor concerts and movies during the summertime. Your friend's son might enjoy a concert in Central Park or South Street Seaport or an outdoor movie at Hudson River Park.

Given the weakness of the US dollar and the relative strength of the pound, he may want to shop for electronics, like an iPod. You could take him by a place like J&R Music World. He also might enjoy a trip to the Virgin Megastore near Times Square.

Other thoughts - If he is into sports, perhaps a Yankee or Met game. Or a lunch and then some interactive games at the ESPN Zone restaurant. Any book lover could spend a lot of time browsing at the Strand Bookstore. Even 16 year olds like to read. Also since it is summer, why not a day at the beach?

Of course, people of any age will enjoy New York's other wonderful tourist attractions - the buildings, museums, shops and street life. Good luck!

Mark in Los Angeles