Subject: Re: New York City with a teenager
Hi Ziners,

Depending on the individual teenager of course and time available.....but how about tempering the sightseeing with some physical stuff like baseball/cycling frisbee in Central Park? or even a rock climbing afternoon at a gym? the beginners courses can be just a few hours, equipment provided. if it really grips them, there's freestyle climbs on boulders in Central Park. i think the gym up at 60th St is near a Barnes & Noble so the older folks could go & browse the travel sections.

There's also a great narrative book by Bernard Levin called A Walk Up 5th Avenue if they're more interested in readng & walking; it describes some of the history & has some fantastic stories, including playing stickball in Harlem [cover picture]. I think it's during the mid-late 70's.

Probably got the addresses of climbing walls somewhere - either Google it or say if you want me to hunt them out.

Upwards and onwards! Best regards Stewart, London, UK

Mod's note from Linda, re: wall climbing addresses: