Subject: Re: New York City with a teenager
Hi Ziners,

I don't know if the Cloisters was mentioned but it is great place for teenagers. It depends on the teen. I went with a group of teenagers from a high school I worked at. They were in a drama group so they really enjoyed the theatre. Last summer we saw "Spelling Bee" which is a very entertaining musical about a group of children who take part in a spelling bee. It is based on the documentary movie of the same title.

If they have not seen it, The Blue Man Group is a must. It is just the kind of silly, percussive happening that would appeal to teens. I've seen it twice myself and loved it both times.

Just watching people in Central Park would be fun or watching people anywhere in New York is fun. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has so much that there must be something there, as well as Moma.

Coney Island would be fun if you are willing to venture out that far.

Get a copy of the New Yorker or The New York Times on Sunday and there is a weekly guide similar to the one in London that has everything that is going on. Have the young visitor go through and mark things that he is interested in. You might be surprised!

Michele in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA