Subject: Re: Sorrento, Italy
Hi, Jane,

What a wonderful travel year you have planned! We just spent 3 weeks in Italy with a week in Sorrento the first part of April.

As others have mentioned, the Amalfi Coast is truly spectacular, but best enjoyed with professional locals doing the driving. (We did an all day bus tour, but I can't remember the company. There are many options available from Sorrento.) On the day we did that, we spent some time in the town of Amalfi which has a lovely square. From the harbor there, we took about a 45 minute cruise up and down the coast from the town in a small boat. There was good commentary and great views of the coast from a different perspective. There are wonderful views also from the town of Ravello and the Villa Rafalo which has gorgeous gardens. It was a wonderful day that greatly exceeded our expectations! (Capri, on the other hand, was somewhat disappointing to us--too many people and shops.)

In Sorrento we especially liked the restaurant La Fenice. Davido's has great gelato. The terrace of Hotel Sirene is a pretty place to go for a coffee or lunch and has wonderful views of the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. The Teatro Tasso has a very nice dinner and Tarantella show with traditional folk songs, dancing, and Neopolitan music.

Hope this helps-- Angie, Lawrence, KS