Subject: Re: Carry-on Conundrum (an unpopular opinion)
Hi all,

Let me preface this by saying that when my wife and I travel we never check baggage. We each have a standard 22-inch rolling bag and a small bag that will fit under the seat in front of us. It's extremely convenient never having to collect luggage and be able to get through customs faster. I do everything I can to reach premier status on United Airlines so I can get that precious "Seating Area 1" on my boarding pass.


We are at the upper limit of the rules, we don't break them but we come close. Many other people on every flight that we take are way over the limit but I have rarely seen any enforcement by either ground staff or flight attendants. What happens on just about every flight is that some people boarding late have to bring their bags forward to have them gate checked (as an aside, this is an excellent way of insuring that your bag gets on the flight without getting lost.)

I think that most flight attendants, working under scaled- back contracts and tougher/dangerous working conditions now take a laid-back, let-it-happen attitude (how would you feel if your company decided to re-allow potential weapons to be brought aboard?) Also, I think the airlines are able to cut back on baggage handling costs because of lower volume, although if you read about the amount of luggage that's lost it's pretty scary.

A US Senator, I don't remember which one, proposed a while ago that only one carry-on bag per passenger be allowed, and I think I agree with him. I know as an American I probably feel more targeted, and I know the business community will scream bloody murder (not to mention the luggage industry), but I think it will simplify everything as well as level the playing field for every traveler.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA