Subject: Re: Travel Insurance
Hello Ziners and all the best to Pat on her recovery!

My husband and I do not take "travel insurance" out on our independent trips. We find it costly and frankly after Pat's story it upholds our doubts that the travel insurance companies will do what you expect them to do without having to fight it out!

What we do have is the AirAmbulanceCard which is similar to MedJetAssist. If we have a true emergency, as Pat did, we would contact the AirAmbulance company and working with our USA hospital they would repatriate us (the injured party and one other).

We decided on this years ago because of a problem my mother had in 1986 in East Germany. She fell ill (and after a terrible time trying to get her home) we located a medical jet company that offered to fly her back to the USA at a cost $40,000. The cost was out of pocket and while medically necessary (no commercial airline would allow her on board) she had no reimbursement through her health insurance company.

I must say that the company did everything right by her and she was attended by a doctor throughout the flight--I was the other passenger. As it turned out, she passed away 10 days after arriving home. Since then we have the AirAmbulance card.

Once again Pat, have a speedy recovery!

Jane, Boca Raton, Florida