Subject: Notes from the road
Hi Linda and Ziners,

We are having a great time in the Dordogne. Great weather, great scenery and great food. (I am struggling with the azerty keyboard - we normally use qwerty).

We had 2 nights in Figeac and loved it: beautiful medieval core; good food; very nice hotel. Then by train to Brive where a taxi met us:

We started our Dordogne jaunt with a walk to Lascaux II and an English tour: Very interesting; awe inspiring: Then we walked to see a fortified church in a village.

Yesterday we had a taxi ride to St: Leon de Vezere and walked to see a huge cave city - used from prehistoric times and in active use during medieval times: Very interesting visit: Then on to Les Eyzies: Today we visit another polychrome cave - Font de Gaume.

Lovely weather; good for walking.

Frances, in the southwest of France