Subject: Re: I won't call you chicken :-)

Neither would I call anyone who passes on the Skywalk a chicken. I don't like standing on the glass floor at the top of Toronto's CN Tower but sometimes we miss out on travel experiences because of nerves. The view from the tops of the Statue of Liberty, the Duomo in Florence and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris are memorable.

I've walked rope bridges in Thailand; the Alexandra Bridge in Spuzzum, British Columbia, which is basically "see-through" and vibrates; and the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge to watch the spawning salmon. Last year in Ireland, I watched my travel companions walk the bridge at Carrick-a-rede deciding to give it a pass. I think I missed out and would grit my teeth the next time and cross it. Judge for yourself.

Any regrets, Ziners, when fear overcame your curiousity? Lucy, Toronto, Canada