Subject: Re: Grand Canyon Skywalk
Kathy, Dave, Ziners...

I've been out to that overlook point twice - the first time was curiosity, the second time was a large percentage stupidity - but that's a long story.

When Dave says "fifty miles of reservation road", that means a dirt/washboard road on which you're lucky when you can get up to 30 miles-per-hour, bouncing all the while. It's a truly miserable drive - thank goodness for rental cars.

The first time I was there the remains of a system was still in place for lifting loads of bat guano, which years ago was mined from a cave at the base of the canyon. I always remember thinking that working in that cave must have been one of the worst jobs on earth.

I'll tell you though, I've got to get out on that overlook - it sounds absolutely spectacular.

Some friends and I are going to take one of the package trips next spring: plane flight over the area, helicopter down to the river and a boat trip (I hope the helicopter waits.). I still need to do some checking but I'm hoping the trip originates from somewhere other than the rim because I won't drive that road again if it isn't paved, although if they spent all that money hanging that surfboard over the rim, I'm sure they've improved the access.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA