Subject: Re: Insurance
Hi, Ziners and Pat.

I'm so sorry for all you've been having to go through, Pat. Wow, that sounds so much worse than what I went through with my broken leg in Paris. I was in Nice, too, last October, and - thank goodness - I didn't get that raging skin eating virus, or whatever it was.

I highly recommend the CSA travel insurance. They were wonderful with their coverage when that happened to me in Paris. They covered everything that my HMO didn't cover -- ambulance in Paris and in San Diego, included. My daughter turned over our return airline tickets to them, and they re- issued new tickets to fly us out of Paris instead of Rome, which was where we were going to be visiting and flying from after Paris. They even sent a traveling nurse from Canada to escort me all the way back to San Diego. They put me and she in first class, and my daughter - unfortunately - had to be in coach. If necessary, they would have used an emergency evac plane, but they said I would be very uncomfortable, as those planes always have to be near a coast so fly a roundabout way to get back, and there are several stops to be made to refuel. Since I was stable after the surgery, I could fly on a passenger plane but needed to be in first class so I could keep my leg up.

Please do check into CSA:

Regards, Diana in San Diego, California