Subject: Russia Tips? + 3000 Digests!
Hi fellow Ziners,

We also want to say Congratulations to Don and Linda for their milestone. We appreciate the time involved and have certainly benefited from all the sharing members. When we changed email addresses I had a hard time getting back on the group email list. I am not sure what happened but we are glad to be back on board.

When we 1st wrote about our Baltic cruise, Lucy and Joan & Charles were quick with some good advice. Our group grew to 30 so we are using Red October tours with our own bus and 2 guides in St Petersburg. We leave on June 12 for 16 days so if anyone has any new news flashes for Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, St. Petersburg, or Tallin we would be grateful. I have been reading with much interest the "baggage" debate. We are notorious overpackers, what with a cruise, exercise gear, touring clothes, etc. but I am determined to cut back dramatically. Wish me luck as Bob is worse than most of us women with his idea of what constitutes enough!

Bob and Pat in Haydon, Ontario, Canada,