Subject: Re: Need tips about Chile?
Hi Patricia and all,

I've been to your wonderful country (this and last years) - South, North, some centre and the Easter Island. It's an excellent South American country where you can travel on your own with safety and comfort.

The fabulous combination of the Ocean and Andes is unforgettable. The Pacific coast of Chile is one of the most striking thanks to its volcanic origin. Atacama desert is the driest in the world full of white-salted fields, geoglyphs, lakes, rich with fauna and famous for its world- second highest Tatio geysehrs. Just imagine desert with glacier mountain peaks!

And the South with its fjords, lakes, glaciers and the breath of Antarctic.

The visit of the Easter Island is, of course, the peak of any travel. It's a combination of Polynesian culture with great South Pacific nature and world-famous sculptures.

Chile is also its warm people ready to help you everytime you need that.

The main tip for everybody visiting Chile - try to combine it with visiting neighboring regions of Andean (South and North) Argentina.

Sincerely, Alex Jerusalem, Israel