Subject: Re: Dallas
Hi Joan, Nellie, Deanne, and Ziners,

I too live in Dallas, since 1971. Yes, it's hot, but so are saunas, and I agree, not as hot as other places, which is how we keep cool plus being in air-conditioned everything, offices, cars, houses, restaurants. Some places are more like meat lockers so one would be advised to bring a sleeved blouse/shirt even in the summer. If heat is an issue for you, it's only really hot during June - Aug. so come in Sept - Jan. or Mar - May. If there is going to be any cold time, it is usually Feb, but that's not a definite, only a possibility.

There is a lot to see depending on what interests you. Perhaps a GTG could happen, if and, when you come to Texas. Suburbia is spreading quickly so traffic is an issue, but where isn't it? Knowing the traffic patterns and rush hours is helpful, advice given when requested.

There's lots of miles between places so planning one's tour is useful with gas, yes even down here prices are up.

Naomi West - Dallas, TX